Dec 24, 2020

I'm currently a PhD student working on Computational Genomics at Stanford University. My research adviser is Anshul Kundaje . My research revolves around the use of Machine Learning techniques  (mainly Neural Nets) to model  gene regulatory processes such as Transcription Factor Binding. More broadly, I'm interested in research that touches upon on the connections between gene regulation, evolution and disease .  

One of the big challenges I face while reading scientific literature has been organizing my thoughts into a coherent picture after reading various papers. The process of  distilling what I read into a form that is coherent and easy to explain also deepens my own understanding. At the same time it also makes ideas easier to discuss with others .  With this blog I want to do curate science I find interesting (mostly genomics for now) into bite-sized articles.

Abhimanyu (Abhi) Banerjee

I'm a PhD student studying Computational Genomics at Stanford University. Interested in writing and communicating Science in an accessible way

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